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Upgrading a GE Series 90-30 PLC system to PACSystems Rx3i

Upgrading a 90-30 system to an Rx3i is pretty straightforward. To convert a 90-30 system to the Rx3i, you simply replace the backplane, cpu, and power supply. The key to this easy upgrade is the Rx3i’s dual bus backplane. Most 90-30 IO modules can be integrated into an Rx3i rack.

RX3i BackPlane

PACSystems Rx3i Backplane

PACSystems Rx3i Backplane

When GE designed the PACSystems Rx3i, they took into account the 90-30 installed base that might want to upgrade. If you look at an Rx3i backplane, you will see that there are actually 2 different connectors for each slot. One connector accepts Rx3i modules and plugs into the PACSystems high speed PCI bus, and the other connector accepts 90-30 modules and plugs into a serial bus. If you took apart at an RX3i Backplane, you would see there are actually 2 backplanes in the unit running parallel -one that can accept “90-30 style” IO and another for Rx3i IO and smart modules.

90-30 module connector

90-30 module connector

Rx3i Power Supply Connector

PACSystems Rx3i Modules connector (this is Power Supply connector)

HARDWAREIf you need to upgrade a 90-30 system to an Rx3i, you would replace the Backplane, Power Supply, and CPU. However, most of your IO (usually 70% of a systems cost) can be reused. Not to mention the fact that you would not need to rewire your IO as well – a significant labor saving and headache avoidance.

LOGIC/SOFTWARE Also, you would need to convert your logic in Proficy Machine Edition. Luckily, this is usually as simple as changing your project target from a 90-30 to an Rx3i. If you have Proficy ME Professional Suite – this is very simple and straightforward.